About Us

Golden Moment Partnership

Our vision is “A Kelsen cookie for every Golden Moment”.

Life is full of Golden Moments – it includes everything from colleagues sharing a couple of cookies during a coffee break to celebrating birthdays, Christmas or New Year with family and friends.

Our goal is to develop partnerships with our customers to help consumers around the world enjoy their Golden Moments.


We call it Golden Moment Partnership and we base it on our company values:

  • We are ambitious

    We set high standards and are committed to delivering great results. Our goals are challenging yet realistic. We have courage and drive, and we are willing to push for good results.

  • We are cooperative

    We are cooperative and care about each other. In the Kelsen Group fair play is important. We know the rules of the game and seek trusting relationships with each other, customers and other business partners.

  • We are respectful

    We respect and take pride in our heritage and traditions. Our history is important to us and our craftsmanship is a great asset when building the Kelsen Group.

  • We are open-minded

    We are open and honest, and we take an interest in the world around us. Through proactive dialog we want to learn and understand how we can contribute to consumers' lives, and help improve our company and society.